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The provision of information is crucial to how citizens perceive government actions and policies

Transparent government practices and communications can increase citizen trust and foster positive relationships between government and citizens.

Yu Noda, a professor at the Graduate School of Policy Science in the Department of Policy Studies, emphasizes the need for effective government communications to inform citizens about fiscal policy and improve transparency.

Effective communication between government and citizens is essential for good governance and civic engagement. A recent study by Noda highlights how effective information provision impacts citizens’ trust, satisfaction and perception of public finances. His findings not only point to key directions for examining the learning effects of local government information provision, but also advocate for effective strategies to foster positive relationships between citizens and governments through such endeavors.


Noda, Y. (2024). Information about local financial reforms and citizens’ cognitive processes. International Review of Administrative Sciences.

More details can be found on the Doshisha University Research and Development Initiatives Organization website.
(Research News) Understanding the key role of information provision in improving citizens’ perceptions of government policies: Insights from Kyoto City

This achievement was also featured in “EurekAlert!”
NEWS RELEASE MAY 9, 2024, Understanding the Critical Role of Information Delivery in Improving Citizens’ Perceptions of Government Policy: Insights from Kyoto City

Image source: “Kyoto City Government – Panorama” by ccfarmer
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