Holy e-commerce! WB invites shoppers into the luxurious world of Bruce Wayne with a new way of retail storytelling

Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products has created an ecosystem of luxury brands that will immerse customers in the world of billionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman’s civilian alter ego. Powered by a digital marketplace, the story-driven Wayne Enterprises Experience features top brands from various categories selected throughout the game, inspired by Batman’s properties and his hero.

A screenshot of the digital marketplace powering the WB Wayne Enterprises Experience
Photo courtesy of WBDCP

A select group of invitation-only luxury consumers will be able to visit the world of Bruce Wayne at a secret location in New York from June 3-10. For everyone else, will be available. The live event will feature a narrative guided tour of the luxurious, seven-story A secret hideout in Manhattan owned by Bruce Wayne. Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox will present an interactive scripted story in which guests participate, and everything guests encounter during the tour can be loaded into a digital shopping cart and purchased via the website.

Product selections featured both on the website and livestream include limited edition and capsule collections created exclusively for the Wayne Enterprises Experience, spanning technology, fashion, automobiles, art, multimedia, vessels, residences and more. As befits a billionaire, these are top-shelf products in every category, with prices ranging from tens of thousands In multi-million.

The experience was developed in cooperation with Relevance International. The brands sponsoring the initiative include: Pininfarina cars electric hypercars, McIntosh sound systems, T3mp3st electric watercraft, Alpange pianos, ARiMR instruments secure communication technology, Baxter furniture, Thomas James clocks, Abyss headphones, Hello, power cycles electric bikes, Studio Kross watches, art by Karen Atta and luxury properties listed International luxury portfolio.

“Welcoming fans to the custom-made world of Bruce Wayne through the Wayne Enterprises Experience is another step in expanding our portfolio in directions no one else can compete with,” Robert Oberschelp, director of Warner Bros., said in a statement. Discovery Global Consumer Products. “Researching it a new method of storytelling in retailtogether with our partners and select brands, brings our world-renowned DC franchises to life for fans through captivating experiences and products.