Amazon launches the first wind energy projects in Poland

Amazon has agreed to acquire 53 MW of clean energy capacity from Vortex Energy Polska/Vitol, two wind farms located in Jastrowie and Okonek in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. This initiative is our first investment in wind energy in Poland; We have already invested in renewable energy from a photovoltaic (PV) farm in Miłkowice and have photovoltaic panels on top of our robotic logistics center in Świebodzin.

This agreement also supports the Polish government’s goal of decarbonizing the energy sector. According to European electricity review Ember 2024the share of fossil fuels in electricity production in Poland in 2023 was 61%, while the EU average share of coal in the energy mix is ​​12%. In the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030, Poland has set itself the goal of achieving a 29.8% share of renewable energy sources in gross final energy consumption in 2030.

“Amazon has been investing and developing in Poland for over ten years. We are building a digital economy of the future that is robust and sustainable. Renewable energy sources are one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to accelerate the energy transformation in Poland,” said Sławomir Płonka, director of regional operations for Central and Eastern Europe at Amazon. “As the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable energy, we are proud that by commissioning these two wind farms we are closer to achieving our goals, and we support the Polish government’s ambitious plans for greening the grid.”

Justine Ryan, Vitol’s Director of Renewables EMEA and CEO Swirl energy, said: “Renewable energy is key to Europe’s decarbonization strategy. Vortex and Amazon have the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions and ensuring energy security through sustainable and affordable electricity in Poland. This is a strong and exciting opportunity for both companies, and Vitol and Vortex will seek additional opportunities to collaborate in Poland in the future. In particular, further amendments to Act 10H will enable new investments in onshore wind energy in Poland, generating long-term benefits for Poland at the local and national level.”

Amazon’s investments in Poland

This year, Amazon celebrates its tenth anniversary of presence in Poland, investing over PLN 20 billion (EUR 4.5 million) in the country, resulting in the creation of over 70,000 new direct and indirect jobs in 2022

In 2021, Amazon launched a robot service center in Świebodzin, equipping its roof with 3,900 PV (photovoltaic) panels covering an area of ​​over 8,600 square meters, which provide renewable energy to power the facility. The roof panel generates a power of 1.75 MW, which is enough to power the equivalent of approximately 480 single-family houses in Poland annually.

In 2022, Amazon signed one of the largest transactions in Poland for renewable energy from a photovoltaic farm in Miłkowice with an installed capacity of 87 MW. Once operational, the solar farm is expected to produce over 120,000 megawatt hours of clean energy annually, meeting the energy needs of approximately 57,000 Polish households. The photovoltaic farm in Miłkowice is scheduled to start producing energy in May 2024.

Amazon_wind farms_2.JPG

Amazon renewable energy projects: impact on local communities and the economy

Solar and wind farms operated by Amazon around the world helped generate An estimated $12 billion in community investment was made between 2014 and 2022, with 39,000 jobs created in 2022 alone, in line with Amazon’s recently launched economic model. In Europe alone, our renewable energy projects have generated investments worth around €2.4 billion, contributing €723 million to the region’s GDP and creating 3,900 jobs in 2022.

Szymon Kowalski, vice-president of the RE-Source Poland Hub Foundation, described the comprehensive benefits of wind energy: ‘Wind energy on land and at sea is also an extremely modern, efficient and long-term engine of the entire economy. Multiplier effects in the form of local supply chains, Polish entrepreneurs joining global supply chains for the industry, as well as professional development opportunities for thousands of employees in the area of ​​cutting-edge technologies create value that cannot be overestimated from the point of view of the economy and society. Future generations will also benefit from the effects of the sector’s development long after the main production plants are built.”

As the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world, our projects are expected to generate over 77,000 GWh (gigawatt hours) per year, enough to power over 19 million homes in the EU.