A portable Powerbox can charge your laptop and other mobile devices – Yanko Design

When you go to cafes, public places, or even the beach, you’ll likely see people facing screens, typing away at work or in their free time. Digital nomad and work from anywhere. The lifestyle really awaits us. One of the most important things they need is a power source, as not all places have outlets. Of course, there are quite popular power banks that will give energy to our smartphones, but for those who need something a little heavier in terms of power, there are only a few options available.

Designers: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility

OE1 Powerbox is a portable battery that allows you to power your laptop, tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices wherever you are. It’s more than just a power bank, because thanks to its 250 Wh power it can charge three 70 W laptops simultaneously. It has three USB-C ports, one USB-A port and a holder for a tracking device. It can also fit into OE1 storage carts if you need to power larger electronic devices such as monitors, speakers, projectors, etc. The Powerbox has a power level indicator on the top so you can check the power level. It can be charged using PowerTray or a charging cable kit that can be purchased separately.

But the Powerbox itself is already powerful enough for your mobile devices. It looks like a toolbox that is “intended to give the impression of a ‘battery’.” It has a minimalist look because it doesn’t have to look like anything other than a battery that you can carry around with you. It is also sustainably produced because it uses lithium-ion phosphate (LFP), so it can have a longer life cycle. The housing uses 100% post-consumer ABS plastic for easy handling during the recycling process.

Of course, since it is more powerful than a power bank, it is not as light and does not fit in a bag. However, it is light enough that you can carry it with you if necessary. For someone who works outdoors a lot (and whose device batteries drain easily), this might come in handy, even if it’s a little heavy.