Bijith Bhaskar steps down as ICICI’s Director, Bank Cards and Payments

ICICI Bank on Friday announced that Bijith Bhaskar has resigned from his post. Bhaskar headed departments such as cards, payment solutions, e-commerce ecosystem and consumer finance at ICICI Bank. This marked the end of his 21-year career at the bank.

Bhaskar belongs to the senior management team of the organization. On the same day, the bank officially accepted his resignation, which was confirmed by the bank’s filing of securities on the stock exchange.

As per Bhaskar’s resignation, his decision to leave ICICI Bank was purely for personal reasons and he intends to look for other opportunities outside the bank. He did not elaborate on the nature of these opportunities, but clarified that his departure was not motivated by professional dissatisfaction.

During his two decades of association with ICICI Bank, Bhaskar has handled a number of key portfolios. His key functions included managing consumer finances, leading the bank’s e-commerce initiatives and driving payment solutions. His remit also included the cards department, which meant he was an integral part of the bank’s operations.

Last month, the country’s second-largest private bank admitted a data error. The issue affected approximately 17,000 newly issued credit cards that were linked to invalid accounts in the bank’s digital systems. They quickly fixed the error and reported no card misuse.