Apple signs a contract with Samsung to supply displays for foldable devices

According to DigiTimes Asia, Samsung Display has signed an agreement with Apple to supply displays for foldable devices. According to reports, it may be a foldable iPhone. Previously, there were rumors that Apple might introduce its first foldable iPhone, possibly in late 2026.

The source claims that information about Apple’s collaboration with Samsung Display on foldable devices comes from the supply chain. Additional details have not yet been released. However, if the reports are confirmed, we can expect Apple’s first foldable device soon, most likely the iPhone. Previously, there were rumors that Apple was discussing a display deal with LG Display.

The report says that at the same time, Apple may have signed a foldable display deal with Samsung for a device that could have a 20.3-inch screen. A 20.3-inch device definitely cannot be an iPhone. It could be a new foldable MacBook or a completely new device segment.

Moreover, a previous patent leak for a foldable device suggests that the folding mechanism could be applied to a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices.

There have also been reports that Apple is working on not one, but two foldable devices. It is speculated that Apple has diverted some of its resources from its Vision Pro headset division to help develop the foldable device.

source: neowin