Huawei and OrangePi launch new development board with mystery CPU and AI processor – Huawei again hides chip specifications from prying eyes

Huawei and OrangePi announced the formation of a joint venture in the OrangePi Kunpeng Pro development board. The Raspberry Pi alternative supports not only a quad-core 64-bit Arm processor, but also an AI processor integrated in the same package, but Huawei and OrangePi do not reveal the details of the processor. In fact, the chip’s name was hidden in official renders, as we’ve seen in the past with Huawei trying to avoid prying Western eyes. However, we delved into the documentation to confirm that the chip is based on a custom Huawei Kunpeng processor design. It features new technology that we haven’t seen before in Kunpeng processors, which shows that Huawei’s Kunpeng chip line is entering the field of artificial intelligence.

The single-board computer includes tools and capabilities suitable for consumers, programmers, and students. It comes pre-installed with the openEuler operating system, the openGauss database, and a suite of web, productivity, and development packages.

OrangePi Kunpeng Pro development board

OrangePi Kunpeng Pro development board (Photo: OrangePi)

The Kunpeng Pro development board uses a custom Huawei Kunpeng processor, which is combined with an AI FPGA processor. Huawei has come under tough sanctions from the U.S. government, limiting its access to certain chips and chip-making technology. Therefore, OrangePi and Huawei do not reveal the specific model number of the Kunpeng processor, but we know that it is a quad-core ARM model.