Department of Justice Establishes Task Force on Anticompetitive Practices in Health Care | News Short

The Healthcare Monopolies and Collusion Task Force (HCMC) “will guide the enforcement strategy and policy approach in healthcare, including by facilitating policy advocacy, investigations, and, where appropriate, civil and criminal enforcement in healthcare markets.” – the agency said in a press release on Thursday.

The new task force will consider competitive issues related to payer and provider consolidation, serial acquisitions, labor and quality of care, medical billing, health information technology services, access to and misuse of health care data, and more, the Justice Department announced .

The task force, chaired by Katrina Rouse, a prosecutor who joined the Antitrust Division in 2011, will “bring together civil and criminal prosecutors, economists, health care industry experts, technologists, data analysts, investigators and policy advisors… to identify and address burning violations of competition law problems in health care markets,” we read in the release.

The announcement follows the April launch by the Department of Justice and two other federal agencies of a portal where citizens can anonymously report incidents of potential anticompetitive behavior in the health care industry.