Outstanding acquisitions by three Yankees

The Yankees’ three offseason acquisitions have yielded huge returns so far this season. Going forward, the projection these players bring will pay off in the team’s quest to win a pennant.

Outstanding acquisitions by three Yankees

The New York Yankees are currently fighting side-by-side with the Baltimore Orioles in the scorching American League East. The Yankees lead the league in wins and are 24-12. The team scored 187 runs and conceded 134. The club crushed its opponents, eliminating a brutal line-up and a very consistent bowling staff.

New York has always been about talent in recent years, but their purse has added more ammunition and confidence to the product on the field. The three offseason acquisitions for the Yankees who contribute to the team in different ways are outfielder Alex Verdugo, right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman and infamous outfielder Juan Soto.

Alex Verdugo

Former Yankee outfielder Brett Gardner was a staple on the Yankees’ home turf. Since his departure, there have been short-term additions and constant vacancies on the left wing. The Yankees bit their tongue and started talking business with their rivals in Boston. They believed outfielder Alex Verdugo might be a good fit in the Bronx and came to an agreement.

Verdugo, a second-round draft pick, has some experience and is now on his third big-time club. Verdugo brought a grit and emphasis to the game that fits the Yankees culture and resonates well with the clubhouse, the environment and his teammates.

Most importantly, Verdugo is a co-creator. He currently has a batting average of .264, which is the same as he finished the 2023 season. In 35 games and 125 at-bats, he has 17 RBI on 33 hits and five home runs. In this lineup, his bat is modest but understated. He has proven to be a contact hitter who can get on base.

Verdugo counts, wastes bids, and has really good board recognition. So far he walks more than he hits, walking 17 times and striking 14 times. His on-base percentage is key at .349 and he has scored 19 times so far. His role in the lineup is crucial as he is prepared to consistently attack the bats in front of him and be a duck on the pond for the guys behind him.

Marcus Stroman

The price the Yankees paid for the established New Yorker was phenomenal. This would happen when Marcus Stroman moved from Queens to the Bronx. With the pitching rotation pending the return of Gerrit Cole, Stroman adds plenty of depth, reliability and experience at an elite level.

Stroman was a Toronto pitcher who brought a strong competitive aura to the Yankees. He will eat up innings, exploiting hitters with his shopping list of pitchers’ arsenal.

He has been a strong addition to the rotation thus far, recording four wins for the Yankees and having a 2-2 record. He pitched 42.2 innings with an ERA of 3.80, struck out 40 batters, walked 22. He is expected to win at least 12 games this season.

Juan Soto

Juan Soto is by far the simplest trade to justify 2024. Soto’s character and antics complement his performance to date, and his salary makes absolute sense. Soto leads the league in various statistics, including hits (49), RBI (33), on-base percentage (.437), OPS (1.023) and total on-bases (85).

Soto has a .338 batting average and nine home runs. Any presence in the batter’s box is valuable because Soto is an opportunist as a hitter. His pitch recognition and patience are noticeable and his swing is aggressive. Soto compliments the team’s fundamentals, working well with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo.