Adobe Introduces AI-Powered Assistant for Reader and Acrobat Enterprise Users: Everything You Need to Know | Technical news

Adobe has introduced Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise users. This AI-powered tool, integrated with Reader and Acrobat, aims to increase productivity by offering generative summaries, smart citations, and authoring features.

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant is now official (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe has introduced Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise users. First launched in beta earlier this year, it is now available as an add-on subscription for Reader and Acrobat customers on desktop, web and mobile platforms. This AI-powered generative tool is integrated with Acrobat workflows and is designed to increase the productivity of all employees by enabling users to generate insights, validate them with smart quotes, and create different types of content such as emails, reports, and presentations based on document information.

Early Access pricing is now available for enterprise customers in Reader and Acrobat in English. Let’s take a closer look at the features provided by the new Acrobat AI assistant.

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant: Features

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant offers a suite of features that improve document interaction and productivity. Users can engage in conversational interactions with a variety of document types, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, receiving recommendations and responses tailored to the document’s content.

The tool also provides generative summaries for quick understanding of lengthy documents, as well as intelligent citations generated by Adobe’s proprietary artificial intelligence for easy verification of information sources. Improved navigation is facilitated by clickable links that help users quickly access important information in documents. Additionally, AI Assistant enables users to consolidate and format key information into compelling content for emails, presentations, blogs and reports with a convenient “Copy” button for seamless sharing with colleagues and stakeholders.

Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud, said PDF and Adobe Acrobat have been the backbone of enterprise communication and collaboration for more than three decades. He mentioned that thanks to generative artificial intelligence, the productivity of every employee has been redefined. Modi highlighted that Acrobat AI Assistant has dramatically reduced the time spent reading and searching for information, enabling employees to develop insights faster and reducing the time spent creating content.

Adobe says enterprises can use Acrobat AI Assistant for a variety of processes, protocols and technologies while remaining confident in their data. The company says it adheres to data security protocols and does not use the content of customer documents for LLM Acrobat AI Assistant training.